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Spike Additive

100% of 100

The world's smallest urine additive! Discreet and formulated to destroy ALL toxins on contact.


Clear Choice's scientist created SPIKE™ after thousands of hours of intensive lab research. SPIKE™ is a new revolutionary breakthrough – it’s the smallest, most potent, undetectable urine purifier ever created to date.

A quickly dissolving liquid that is colorless and odorless and cannot be detected once added to urine.

  • Formulated to destroy ALL toxins on contact
  • Simple to Use – Just pour into urine
  • 1.5ml Micro Vial – Ultra small & easy to conceal
  • Suitable for up to two uses

**Please use responsibly. These products are to be used in accordance with all state and federal laws**

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Spike Additive works really fast, it is formulated to destroy ALL toxins on contact.

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  • Light / Occasional users: Simply pour entire content of 1 vial into the urine. Each vial is sufficient for up to 120ml (4oz).

  • Heavy / Daily users: Simply pour entire content of both vials into the urine. For over 120ml (4oz), you will need to use both vials at once.

Warning – using two vials can cause a slight odor, but waiting a few minutes will minimize the odor.