Five Panel Test Kit

Five Panel Test Kit

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Five Panel Test Kit


Instant Home Drug Test Kit | Multi Panel.

Simultaneously Tests for Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth/Amphetamines, Opiates, and PCP from the comfort of your home.

+ $30.00

  • Simple One-Step Multi-Panel Test
  • Accurately Detects Drug Metabolites
  • Reliable Results Within Minutes

**Please use responsibly. These products are to be used in accordance with all state and federal laws**

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The Health Tech Five Panel Test Kit uses proven immunoassay technology to detect the presence of drug metabolites in urine. The Five Panel Test Kit conforms with NIDA/SAMHSA guidelines to provide a "positive" or "negative" result according to established cutoff levels.


  • Do not discard the protective cap.
  • Carefully dip the testing strips into the urine sample.
  • Do not allow the urine to touch the plastic casing of the test.
  • Allow the test to absorb some urine (you will be able to see the urine moving up through the windows)
  • After five to ten seconds, remove the test from the urine.
  • Replace the protective cap over the testing strips and lay the test on a clean, flat surface while the test lines develop.
  • You can read negative results (see below) as soon as they appear.
  • Positive results must be read at least five minutes after removing the test from the urine sample.
  • Do not interpret any results after ten minutes.
  • Check to see if there are lines in the control zones (marked with a C) of the test.
  • If there are any lines in the control zone for each drug, the test is functioning properly.
  • If a line does not appear in the control zone for each drug, then the test procedure was not performed properly or the test may be defective.



When two lines appear, no matter how faint, one in the test region (T) and one in the control region (C). Any strip with both lines visible means a negative result for that drug.


When a line appears in the control region (C) and there is no trace of a line in the test region (T). Make sure the lines have a full five minutes to develop.