Biocide Free Synthetic Urine

What are biocides?

The preservative biocide is a natural preservative that protects synthetic urine from biological infestation and growth.

Biocides are a preservative added to synthetic urine to disinfect/sterilize the sample.
They prevent any bacteria from growing in the sample.

More specifically biocide preservatives are added to prolong the shelf life of the product! The use of biocides means to add extra adulterants to the sample. Therefore it is able to be detected.

This is why it flags in most testing labs. 2019 is the year testing labs start to cut down on people using synthetic urine. This means they are now looking for the presence of biocide. This is used in many brands of synthetic urine.

If your sample is found to have any additives or adulterants for example biocide. It will fail. The consequences will be very very severe.

Why is Clear Choice different?

All of the synthetic urine products from Clear Choice have the same 2019 updated formula. Guaranteeing a pass. It contains over 10 chemical compounds making it the most realistic synthetic urine on the market.

CLEAR CHOICE DO NOT USE BIOCIDES Clear choice has put all their synthetic urine through a sterilization process, this is a radiation process that effectively kills any bacteria in the sample.

This process is expensive but makes Clear Choice synthetic urine the best on the market. As this process is done through radiation an nothing is directly added to the synthetic sample. It is completely untraceable. Making Clear choice the only product to use in 2019!